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Jun 26 2012

This is me, thanking you.

“You’ll thank me someday.”
My mom and dad would say those words to me every day while I was toiling away at some extra-curricular activity that I hated. Those moments in my home were filled with anger and hostility, heavy with the feeling of oppressive dictators, my parents, coming down on the little, innocent citizen, me (insert picture of Tiananmen Square here). As I sat there playing the piano for the third hour, doing the 10th math worksheet, or writing Chinese characters (which I still have no idea what I was writing) that day, I was certain I would NEVER thank my parents. In my opinion, they were just crazy and ruining my life (words that I’m pretty sure gave them more joy than anything else).
So, of course my dad laughed when I called him from Louisiana during my 2nd week of teaching.
“See? Those piano lessons were good for you.”


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